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“You look way less noobish already.”

A longtime online friend of mine from another incarnation decided to pop into SL tonight, and I happily helped her around with getting more acquainted with the intricacies of SL. You almost forget how complicated stuff is, until you try explaining it to someone new.

But, we got her some clothes, taught her how to open and wear them (so she doesn’t fall prey to the “box on the hand” noob moment as likely), got her an AO (“Say goodbye to the duckwalk!”), explained a bit about HUDs, found her skin and eyes for free (the former was especially tricky; if you advertise “free skins”, do yourself a favor and have at least ONE skin for free…) and taught her how to set LMs and home position. A very productive evening. I hope she’s finding it all less intimidating than previously.




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