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Reflections on Pretend Evil

I’m up at OMG:30, thanks in no small part to the cat. Good thing the little shit is so cute or he’d have been our emergency food supply long ago.

But. I’ve spent a lot of time going over RPing yesterday in my head–something I so do not get to do enough of–and I was thinking a lot about the challenges of playing an evil character. It’s both simpler and harder than I would have originally thought.

Simpler, in that there’s a very fine line that separates good-guy me from bad-guy me, as I’m sure there is in most people. Mostly that line consists of the decision of what to do about the thoughts and emotions we all have. Good guys keep a cool head, try not to let emotion overcome them, and act in a rational and compassionate way; usually while keeping the deepest, darkest parts of those thoughts and fears to one’s self. But “bad guys” don’t have/use a compass or a filter. They indulge those darker desires and feelings, make it all about themselves, and disregard consequence (unless it affects them directly).

Which brings me to what makes it more difficult. In my usual mostly-good-guy time, my deepest desires stay–well–deep. Inside. In the privacy of my own mind. To bring them out, to indulge them, to be evil Mistletoe, is really much more vulnerable. It’s no longer “does she have a crush on him or what?”; it’s now “HOLY CRAP she wants him to do WHAT?!” It’s really only a short step between perfectly normal human(oid) feelings and twisted unhealthy obsession. But in that short step is usually a nice, strong wall, which I find a real challenge to traverse.

It’s also kind of funny, in that evil Mistletoe is all about herself. What does this town owe me, how will I get what I want out of it, etc. When in fact, I, L. Foster, am doing this whole thing to involve the community in RP and the hunt, as well as promote local businesses. So I doubt evil Mistletoe will be too convincing; but if she is, just remember that it’s only Pretend Evil and for a greater good.

Good luck hunting today. It should be a real challenge, and I hope a lot of fun.




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