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A Recap of today’s RP madness

The day began when Mistletoe, furious at Clover for sending Petal away to her grandparents, set Clover’s house on fire. The fire was dispatched by the townsfolk, including Lord DonPaul. Clover returned to find the house damaged and smouldering. She ran about town until finding DonPaul in Mistletoe’s shop, his face hidden in a hood.

He lowered his hood to reveal a horribly green, disfigured face, and no explanation as to why. He said that he feared evil times had come to Northfarthing, and that he lacks answers. Clover, tearful and afraid, took her belongings and is hiding out someplace else.

Meanwhile, Mistletoe gained the confidence of Aruin and Donnie Dagger, the former a kind of inventive genius, the latter a chaotic evil wizard with great powers. On her order, they went to the Abbey and kidnapped DonPaul, imprisoning him in the Tower of Exile. She was shocked to find him disfigured and blamed the wizard for doing something to him; DonPaul is sure that MIstletoe is behind it somehow.

Mistletoe then issued a proclamation, stating that DonPaul is in custody until he acquiesces to her demands. They are, simply, that he marry her and make Northfarthing (and himself) hers by legal right. He said he’d rather die first; one minion said the cliche “that can be arranged” before being scolded by Mistletoe. It seems her longtime crush on him has been twisted into a dark obsession; she keeps referring to him as “my love” and “the poor dear”. Indeed, if she has any weakness at all, it’s her own captive.

At last she left him to get some sleep in the tower, with Aruin (himself transformed just this morning, into a being with eagle wings and the lower body of a horse) posting guard.

What will she do next? Will her minions turn on her? Will there be a daring rescue attempt? Will DonPaul ever escape, either the tower or his curse?

Bridget, Mistletoe’s apprentice, thinks she might know something. Go and ask her and maybe you can be the one to save the day!





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