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You can’t fix stupid.

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I’m a pretty easy elf to get along with, really. Not a saint, of course, but really. It’s not easy to get on my bad side, but you too can do it if you try. All you have to do is either of the following:

  • Be an asshole.
  • Be an idiot.

Don’t misunderstand me; ignorance is not the same as being an idiot. If there’s something you don’t know and you ask me about it, you will see me take plenty of time to patiently explain/teach it to you. No, being an idiot is when you don’t know something but insist that you do. Or when you don’t take the time to listen to/read what is actually said. Or do what this gem did:

Mistletoe (to strange guy who’s stated that he’s “successfully” hitting on her): *sigh* I’m sapiosexual, do you know what that means?
Guy: no lol
Mistletoe: It means I’m into guys smart enough to look it up.

Guys are funny, they think that I’m just so fascinated in their pretty avatar that I can’t possibly resist. Well, to paraphrase Ron White: you can make your avatar whatever height you want, get whatever hair or eyes you want, get whatever size package you want, click on something to be a great dancer… but kids, you can’t fix stupid.

And if you combine stupid with asshole? Oh you’ve hit the jackpot then. If you’re just being stupid I might tolerate you. But show me that asshole and this conversation is over. As are all future ones. I don’t care what compelling argument you or your friends or your sockpuppets may try to present; once I determine someone No Longer Worth My Time, that’s pretty much it. I’m not going to play games or draw it out; we’re done here.




One thought on “You can’t fix stupid.

  1. Morning Lady Elf!

    I WAS THERE!!! Dancing with my new bride (Lady Rhianon). I dont consider myself an idiot or an asshole… When I talk about things I try not to talk TOO long about certain subjects. I know some things and can carry on halfway inlligent conversations (sometimes also)…. But I definately do not know everything and I dont pretend to.

    However when I was younger… I was definately an idiot and asshole. I was there posterchild!

    [Reply:] Aye, you were present in the room, but most of what happened took place in IMs and you didn’t catch it.

    And it’s “their”. *ducks and runs*

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