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Law of Acquisition #12: Anything worth doing is worth doing for the money

Pardon me while I rant a little bit.

I’m sick and tired of the idea that “real” artists (or musicians, or builders, or whatever) who love their art don’t do it for money. We just let the magic flow through us, to touch the lives of countless others, and because our powers are imbued by divine means we must not need such earthly things as food or shelter.

Or something.

Fact is, artists and musicians are usually broke (maybe because of this mindset).

Event planners, please. I understand if you don’t have a budget, that sort of thing happens (believe me I know!). If you don’t plan to pay your performers, tell them before you talk scheduling. Your time is precious to you, and so is ours. Don’t waste it for either of us.

I’m more than happy to play for free for a charity. We’ve done so for Project Children a few times and are happy to do it again (reminds me, I should get in touch with Derry…). When we do a gig for an actual charity, we’re fine with not expecting a dime in the way of tips. And we plan it out with enough time in advance that we can do other, paid and/or tipped, gigs to cover our rent for the week.

I’m more than happy to play mostly free for a fundraiser. As long as I’m sufficiently informed as to this fact, and as long as we can at least put out the hat to make a few Ls.

I’d LOVE to be so independently wealthy that I can do anything and everything for love alone and just give it out free to everyone. But even in a virtual world, I got ends to make meet. Don’t call me less of an “artist” for that.




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