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Jonesin’ hard…

Sunday is the one day per week that I try to take off from SL. It’s especially difficult for me to get through a Sunday when I’m on a creative spike, which I have been lately, and I just want to GO and BUILD and MAKE STUFF DAMMIT.

To make matters more interesting, “Archimides” (my RL husband) is going off nicotine gum. He’d been a smoker for 30+ years, and on the gum for over 2 now. Due mostly to expenses, he’s decided it’s time to quit.

We are a pair today. Him digging in every single nook and cranny in the house to try to find one more piece of gum, me trying to think of anything else in the world to do. I’ve spent much of the day on an art project. Did some laundry, some dishes, cleaned the litterbox. See, just not as exciting as “today I made a whole freakin’ castle”.




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