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I missed the memo about it being Entitlement Day in SL land I guess.

Look, blogs are for such things as whining and ranting. Believe you me, I’m no stranger to that; I’m still living down one or two of my own less proud moments in my own blog (and, for whatever reason, am STILL getting views to an outdated and rant-free post, but I digress).

Maybe I’m getting old. I am over 300 after all, making me older than both Darwin and Lincoln (there’s a sobering thought…), and so maybe I’m falling into a “you kids nowadays” phase. But, what you say in your blog–private though you may wish to call it–is a reflection on you, for good or for ill. I’ve learned that the hard way.

When you bitch about how you got something but it wasn’t what you expected (ZOMG [BUSINESS NAME] RIPPED ME OFF!!!1!), rather than being an adult and going to the manufacturer and saying, “Hey, listen, I was expecting X and got Y”, it makes you look like a whiny, spoiled brat.

Pissing and moaning isn’t “attitude” and it’s not sexy. I don’t get what makes “attitude” a selling point for anyone anyway; call it what it is. It’s being an asshole. Replace “attitude” in most sentences with “a chip on his/her shoulder” or better still “an asshole personality” and 99% of the time you’ve got a more accurate statement.

Often it isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. I ran a festival last month; imagine if, instead of saying to performers I’d never met, “Hi! I’m running a festival and wonder if you might be interested in performing”, I’d instead posted in my blog how disappointed and annoyed I am at all you performers who hadn’t come to seek me out. I’d sound like an immature crybaby and word would spread like wildfire among performers: don’t work for that crazy-ass elf.

Mind you, in the interest of full disclosure, I have had whiny crybaby moments in my own blog (see the Little Red Hen post for example). Fortunately I saw the error in my ways and later followed the post up (see Little Red Hen Part Deux) by noticing and appreciating the positive things I did/do have going for me and for the sim. Hey, I’m only elven, I’m not perfect; but if you’re smart you’ll realize you aren’t either.

So, ye whipper-snappers, see if you can get this:

…and also get the hell of my lawn.




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