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Saturday in Northfarthing

Yesterday DonPaul stopped by the fairegrounds to get the stream changer squared away, so that come the day of the festival he won’t have to be the one to change the stream at the top of each hour for each new performer. That was when he mentioned that he wouldn’t be about much that day, in large part because the 21st is his birthday and he plans to spend it with his family. After the stream changer got taken care of, we shot 6 rounds of archery and just caught up a bit. It was some long overdue time spent with one of my best friends.

Later in the evening Pirate Braveheart stopped by, on Goliath. He made a Juliet joke; I replied that I’m not a reckless child and that my life span is considerably longer, heh. He just moved into the castle where Aislinn used to live. One day maybe I’ll be able to call it “Pirate’s house” and not “Aislinn’s old place,” but that day has not yet come.

Festival preparations are going really well. I finally decided on a booth in the marketplace, rather than just a small pavilion, and I paid the rent down on it to reserve it now. It’s just under a fortnight (a thirtnight?) away, and I’m really looking forward to it. I hope tons of people can come and enjoy it.




One thought on “Saturday in Northfarthing

  1. Ahhhhhh Juliette…. I mean Mist… my friend. Thanks for the inclusions. It was fun talking to you at the window. I believe there was also a Rapunzel reference made. It was a nice nite and I don’t mind that the little castle is still known as Aislinn’s old house as it is that. She is a very VERY nice lady. As you are a very nice Elf… you have a nice day miss.

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