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We had a little pirate party down on the docks by the Green Dragon last night. Not the hugest attendance, but, we’re that much closer to having all our outstanding debts for the Spring Festival paid.

Whenever someone made a tip into the Festival tip jar, I’d fire off the cannons and thank them enthusiastically. Everyone who showed up was given a tricorne hat with striped scarf (except Latis, who already had a supercool hat, and Cate who just didn’t want a hat).


Love Tel’s new pirate look!


To the right of the Spring Festival poster was a ton of alcohol. There was a medieval beer cooler from Clover’s Kitchen, which you could click to open then click again to get a bottle of beer. The keg with the parrot on it gave out a pewter tankard (adorned with a skull) of rum. Then the remaining setup of buckets and barrels and bottles gave out such a huge selection of booze I can’t begin to name it all. Tel bought the last one for me; I forgot to ask him where.




One thought on “ARRRRRR!

  1. ARRRRRGGGGGG…. well I did manage to spend a little time there with some old friends and a couple of new ones. I totally enjoyed meeting Cate. She and I eventaully went off horsback riding together. Cate…. I swear… I never even noticed….. darnit!!!!

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