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The Northfarthing Spring Festival – 21 March 2009

Click to see a map up close
Click to see a map up close

The Northfarthing Spring Festival is a medieval style festival which will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2009. It will feature games, rides, merchants, and over six hours of live entertainment starting at 10AM SLT. All are welcome to visit our quaint medieval island village for this merry event.

Entertainment Schedule:
10 AM – Shandon Loring, storyteller
11 AM – Pipe Dreams, rock bagpipe band
12 Noon – Thom Dowd, playing Renaissance dance music
1 PM – Kiaranne Flanagan, acoustic folk musician
2 PM – CelticWarriorMaiden Lancaster, Celtic/Trad folk musician
3 PM – Russel Eponym, English folk musician with a Country flair
4 PM – Cat Agus Cu, Irish Trad/folk tunes played and sung by duo Archimides Skytower and Mistletoe Ethaniel.


En Garde! – Open throughout the day
5:30 PM En Garde! Tournament – 1st prize $1000L gift card to Living the Dream
Archery – Open throughout the day
6:30 PM Archery Knockout Tournament – 1st prize $1000L gift card to Living the Dream
Giant Chess – Open throughout the day
“Find the Robins” Treasure Hunt – find prizes from local merchants – open throughout the day

Carousel – seats 4
The Drakkar – Swinging Viking Ship ride, seats 8
Swan Boats – explore the area on a romantic swan boat cruise for two (lasts 10 min)


Other Stuff:
Merchants – Merchant Space Available. Contact MIstletoe Ethaniel or DonPaul Cale
Food & Drinks

More events and news will be added to this post as the festival draws nearer. Be sure to bookmark it and keep checking back!

Read about us in the SL Enquirer!

Northfarthing is a non-Gorean medieval sim; public acts of slavery are prohibited. Period-appropriate clothing, while highly encouraged, is not required. This will be an all-ages festival. Hope to see you there!




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