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“Stuff I Don’t Want Anymore” Auction and Fundraiser – 22 Feb. 2009

It’s getting on time for spring cleaning, and the day for the Spring Festival draws ever nearer. To raise funds to offset the Festival’s budget, we’re doing some spring cleaning of our own. We’re taking transferable items that we don’t want anymore, and auctioning them off to people who do want them.

On February 22nd, in the marketplace in Northfarthing), come and place your bid on the stuff we don’t want anymore. What kind of stuff? Here’s just a little of what we got so far:

  • Art
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Adult items (poseballs, parts, etc)
  • Musical items
  • Weapons and Armor

To bid, “pay” the vendor the amount of your bid. If you get outbid, your bid gets returned to you (but not if you outbid yourself!). At the end of the day, the highest bid takes home the item and the proceeds go to the Spring Festival budget.

To donate funds, look for the donation tip jars (they look like flowerpots with little fireflies around them) in Northfarthing. There’s one at the Market by the Xstreet terminal, one in front of Living the Dream, and one inside the Green Dragon Inn.




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