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The Little Brunette Elf, Part Deux

I got quite a few IMs following my “Little Red Hen” rant last week. Some people really took what I said personally and I didn’t mean it that way. I had written the rant shortly after I had asked in group chat what people thought of the idea of a spring festival. The only response I got at the time was a long-delayed “I’ll go but I can’t help.” And really, the guy was being honest and I do prefer it that way. But I was in a pissy mood and what’s a blog for if not venting a pissy mood.

One person I spoke with, someone I consider a good friend, explained to me that she has terrible social anxiety and that she’s often too nervous to go to an event attended by more than 4 people, let alone plan one. For the record, to me that is not an “excuse”; it is a valid reason. She then went on to say, tell ya what, whatever idea or plan there is, tell me what I need to do behind the scenes and I’ll be your event slave (I asked if we could maybe call it “lady-in-waiting” instead; “slave” just sounds so… Gorean. She laughed and agreed.). Coming up with ideas, she explained, may not be her strength; but going out and getting the needed Stuff is. That’s great! That’s what I’m talking about!

Another person, new fella in town, suggested a few ideas he had while testing out the new swan boats on the docks (check ’em out sometime, they’re fun!). He didn’t know just how to make the ideas happen, but by speaking up about them in the first place we were able to decide together just what could be done. He also asked if there would be a collection for this festival (the answer is a resounding YES, just not right yet).

A third person came up with a great idea to help raise funds to offset the budget for such a festival: we have an auction/raffle/yard sale of Stuff We Don’t Want Anymore. We ALL have way too much of that kicking around in our inventory, so it’s also a productive way to get rid of excess stuff!

Yet another said she’s happy to contribute financially and volunteer her time. She suggested several musical performers and DJs to approach, and said she could probably get her own virtual pipe & drum corps to perform for gratis.

Another says he knows a ton of people in a fantasy-RP sim who are always looking for an occasion to dance. If there’s an opportunity, he says, I can get the crowd.

This is what I’m talking about! When that negative comment said that nobody cared, I was almost foolish enough to believe it for a short time. But it was wrong. People really do care. People really do want to help and to contribute, even if they don’t know how (and for my part, I’ll be more laid-back and willing to suggest how they can). I’m really not alone in this.

Knowing this, I’m proud to say: The Spring Festival will happen. We are a “go”.




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