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Dear Goreans,

Dear Goreans,

Hey, what’s up? How’s the weather there in Gor? I hear the economy’s not doing too terrible and I suppose that’s a good thing.

So, still doing the slavery thing then? Well, you know, it’s not my thing; but then that’s why I don’t visit. I’m one of those freaky equal partner sorts; I’m perfectly at peace with that little shortcoming of mine. Just can’t change a leopard’s spots, am I right?

There was something I’ve been meaning to mention, and I realize the old maxim that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar (I’m sure there’s an equivalent version in your language and that you understand what I mean), so, here goes.

A large part of the reason that you guys come off as being so depraved and all, is that you’ve got some people–not all of you, mind you, but some people–who bring your particular “flavor” of life into other places which are of a different flavor altogether. And they do so without first having the courtesy to find out the local laws and customs before just walking down the main streets with a “pet kajira” on a leash.

Surely the bulk of your people have an understanding of one’s “home stone”, and how crucial–even sacred–it is to respect the home stone of another. Well, I am of the opinion that that should extend to the homes of other people of other cultures as well. In our home, for example, we have a very strong “no slavery in public” law. And not just law, but culture as well. You see, this is where freaks such as myself, with the equal partner fetish in common, have found to settle down and make our “home stone”. We know our ways are strange to some, and we don’t ask to be understood or emulated; we do however ask that you find out what our ways are when you visit, before visibly bringing your ways in.

I understand how this can be difficult; after all, so many merchants and RPers put “medieval” and “Gorean” in the same breath. I’m sure it can get to so, no matter where you go, any sign of remotely medieval technology, dress, or custom, could easily be mistaken in your mind for being identical to your own technology, dress, and customs. But try to understand that this is not necessarily so; and that you would be wise, again, to click on that “About Land” bit at the top of your screen and find out.

So, well, that’s all I wanted to say really. Hope all is well and I hope you understand why I haven’t been around to visit.

Mistletoe Ethaniel
Deputy of Northfarthing




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