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Cat Agus Cu – LIVE today at 4 PM SLT!

Happy Saturday to you all! Come and celebrate the weekend early with us as Northfarthing’s “house band”, Cat Agus Cu, plays live at the Green Dragon Inn starting at 4 PM SLT (7 Eastern). Enjoy an hour of Irish and Scottish traditional music: jigs and reels, drinking songs, and cry-in-your-ale ballads and slow airs, played by Mistletoe Ethaniel and her RL husband Archimides Skytower. If you haven’t heard Cat Agus Cu before (or if you tried to last week when our connection got scuppered…) then you are in for a real treat.

About the venue: Northfarthing is a non-gorean medieval sim. No public displays of slavery are permitted. Medieval/Renaissance/Fantasy attire is welcome and encouraged, but not required. But please wear something kthx. Northfarthing is a Mature sim, so please act mature.

More about the band here.

Can’t make it inworld? Listen via our stream on WinAmp, iTunes, or whatever player you use.




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