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OMG Dramaz in teh groop chats! I has prufs!


There’s a post Civil War/Victorian era sim I play in from time to time; the person who runs the sim is the very one who got me into SL in the first place.

Well one night, a few nights ago, some nooblet speaks up on the sim’s group chat asking if someone could loan her 10L because it would be really helpful kthx. You can imagine the response. My personal contribution was “Yeah, loan me 2k while you’re at it. It would really help too.”

An ordinary mortal would see this as mocking. But not Thongor Righteous Indignation Girl (let’s just call her “Rgirl” for short)! Well she was just not having any of my begging, no sirs! She let me know so in no uncertain terms just how “reprehensible” my actions are! She fussed! She fumed! She kinda got red-faced when I had to tell her hello, this is called mocking. In all fairness, she may have logged on in the heartbeat of time between “I can has 10Lz?” and “Get me some too plz.” In which case she may also have considered fuming at the person who immediately after me asked for 100L (also obviously mocking). At the time it was just kind of chalked up to misunderstanding and there you are.

Well, yesterday, just before the Gig That Never Was (FUCKING CONNECTION! I KEEL YOOOUU!!), I logged in Archimides. Archimides is the avatar I made for my RL husband, for when we’re playing music together in SL. He himself really doesn’t play much; at best we can call Archimides a shared alt. He has an IM from Rgirl:

“Your partner was begging in the [sim] group chat!” followed by a copy-paste of just the line I had said.

Say it all with me now. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Was she expecting my husband to “keep me in line” somehow? Was she just looking to get him pissed at me as some kind of revenge for offending her delicate sensibilities (it is a Victorianesque sim after all, I guess there are some damned delicate sensibilities out there)? Was she just hoping some stranger would see what a good little kissass she is? I don’t get it.

So Archimides replied:

“Why the hell are you telling me this? Not to mention, I read the transcript and it was pretty obvious that she was mocking. What kind of a drama queen are you, ‘tattling’ on my wife like that? Get a second life already!”

Well, so, I think I have a way to settle this whole thing and still have it be fun and RP-feasible.

I make clothing. I’ll send her a “white gauntlet” clothing item. At which point she can apologize, or we and our pistols meet at dawn. I almost kind of hope for the latter because I think dueling would be really fun and afterwards we can both laugh at it.




3 thoughts on “OMG Dramaz in teh groop chats! I has prufs!

  1. Rgirl is really embarrassed, that’s what she said so to me earlier. Still, I rather hope we can make this a event of sorts. Perhaps I should encourage ‘stirring the pot’ more often. 😉

    Response: As I say, I was pretty sure it was all just a misunderstanding anyway. And life–first or second–is too short for grudges, especially over something silly. Still I wouldn’t mind making a fun event of it either. I’ll talk to her privately and see.

  2. i am Rgrrl…..[sighs] and a more mortified and sheepish Redhead ther never was! ….this was the effusive apology i sent the hubby once i realized my hot headed gaffe…

    “my humblest apologies. no excuses but an explanation. on 5 of the groups i belong to in the space of 10 min we had spamers begging for $L then Wildcat came up..a group i hold to be sacrosanct more even than Caledon…and there was your wife begging i did not see the previous posts where you could tell it was mocking. i was so flaberghasted i did “tattle” thinking of accountability. when i realized my error, i apologized to her. as i am now apologizing to you. it was a rough day on SL yesterday all around and that was my (incorrect) last straw.”

    and instead of duel…may i suggest wrestle? your choice! Mud or Oil! and we can sell tickets!!!! raise money for Wando!!! Oooooer!

    Response: Well, I admit I’m a little more confident in my skills with projectiles than with grappling…Tell ya what. First we’ll wrestle, then we’ll shoot each other, then we’ll go to McCrady’s and get ‘faced! –Mist

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