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Dead Man Blues – the Mystery Solved!

Congratulations to Greythistle Twine, who was the first to crack the case and reveal who killed Blues Linden and why! For those of you who were curious, I’m going to post the solution and how the clues led to it. Don’t look if you don’t want to know!

Day One.
The Police File actually contained clues of its own, based on the gender of the suspects.
We knew that DonPaul, Mack, and BigDog could not be ladies of the evening.
We knew that none of the above were someone that Blues tried to have his way with.
We knew that none of the above could be an unwed mother.
We knew that neither Mistletoe, Is, or Marcy caught Blues in bed with a girlfriend.
We knew that none of the above could be having an affair with the married female judge.

Clue 1, in the trash can by the scene of the crime, revealed that the blackmail victim is female. Thus, eliminate DonPaul, Mack, and BigDog as potential victims of blackmail. Also, whoever was being blackmailed didn’t catch Blues in bed with a girlfriend and is not having an affair with the married female judge.


Day Two.
Clue 2, in a crate in the alley behind the soup kitchen, revealed that whoever caught Blues in bed with his girlfriend is also the Communist. Therefore, eliminate Mistletoe, Is, and Marcy as the Communist. Also eliminate the Communist from having any other motive; eliminate the one who caught Blues with his woman from having any other big secret.

Day Three.
Clue 3 was a two-parter, all found on the second floor of the laundrymat in a book.
Clue 3a revealed that the murderer’s name begins with M. Eliminate DonPaul, Is, and BigDog as the murderer.
Clue 3b dropped a bombshell: that BigDog is the one having an affair with the married female judge. Eliminate BigDog from having any other secret. Eliminate Mack and DonPaul from having the affair.

Day Four.
Another two-parter.
Clue 4a, found on top of DonPaul’s file cabinet, showed that DonPaul is not the embezzler–but that either Is or Mackenzie is. Eliminate DonPaul from being the embezzler…that leaves just one big secret for him. DonPaul is thus the Communist. That also means (per clue 2) that he’s the one who caught Blues in bed with his girlfriend. So, eliminate him from having any other secrets (done), anyone else from being the communist, and DonPaul from any other motives. Also, eliminate Mistletoe and Marcy from being the embezzler.
Clue 4b, found in the soup kitchen (check the soup on the table!), reveals a big one: that whoever had the sister driven to ruin by Blues was also the unwed mother. Pause there a minute. That means eliminate any remaining male suspects from having the sister driven to ruin. We then learn that said unwed mother is Marcy, SO, eliminate her from any other secret or having any other motive.

By now you see a few things: that Is is either the lady of the evening or the embezzler, that Mistletoe is either the murderer or the lady of the evening, and that Mackenzie is either the murderer or the embezzler.

Clue 5a. I was a stinker. I hid this in plain sight, on the bar at the club after all of you went out into the streets to search. The clue revealed that BigDog was the one duped in the dope deal. That means also that the suspect having the affair with the judge was the one duped in the dope deal. So eliminate all other motives for Dog and all other motives associated with that secret.
Clue 5b, hidden in the warehouse in a black-covered book, revealed that whoever was the embezzler was also the blackmail-ee. And we’ll remember from Clue 1 that whoever THAT was, was female. Only two suspects could have been the embezzler: Is, or Mack. Mack’s not a skirt, so that leaves Is. That also positively names Is as the blackmail victim. That means that Mack could only be the killer; and by process of elimination, it also means that his motive was that he was scammed out of a ton of money by Blues.

Mackenzie-the murderer-was scammed
Mistletoe-the lady of the evening-was assaulted sexually
DonPaul-the commie-caught Blues in bed with his girlfriend
Is-the embezzler-was blackmailed
BigDog-the judge’s lover-was crossed in a drug deal
Marcy-the (then) unwed mother-had a sister who was driven to ruin




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