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Dead Man Blues – Starts Jan. 10th

Starting January 10th at Hotlanta Blues.

The year is 1949, and there’s been a murder in the streets of the fictional neighborhood of Hotlanta. The victim, one Blues Linden, was gunned down in cold blood, left in an alley to be found later by some poor bum, who reported it to the police. Chief Archie Skytower is on the job, and won’t rest until the killer gets brought to justice.

But how do you find the killer when everyone has a motive? You offer a reward, that’s how. $2000L awaits the sleuth who can crack this one.

So who could it be? The ambitious cigarette girl, the wealthy tycoon, the all-seeing bartender, the widowed heiress, the ruthless gangster, or the secretive Senator’s wife? You could win a tidy reward if you’re the first to find out.

Join us at Hotlanta Blues, beginning January 10th at 4PM SLT. Period appropriate clothing and RPing are highly encouraged. Each night a new clue will be hidden somewhere, waiting to be found by you. Piece the clues together, and if you’re the first to correctly tell Chief Skytower (via notecard) who did it and why, that reward is yours!

The Rules:

  • Suspects are as unaware of the puzzle as non-suspects; therefore they, too, are eligible to guess and to win. The only individuals ineligible to win are: Archimides Skytower (creator of the puzzle), Mistletoe Ethaniel (organizer of the event and wife of the creator of the puzzle), and DonPaul Cale (venue owner and prize money supplier).
  • Known alts of the above ineligible players are also ineligible to win.
  • Players are permitted to turn in ONE notecard with their guess, and no more. That is one notecard per RL person, not per avatar. Using alts to submit multiple guesses will be considered cheating.
  • Submit a notecard with the following information: Name of the murderer, Motive, and finally your name, to Archimides Skytower (please note the spelling). Name the Notecard “Dead Man Blues” so that it can be found.
  • Puzzle Creator and Event Organizer have the final say as to which correct notecard was received first, and whether or not an entry is created by an eligible or ineligible player.
  • Dude, just don’t cheat. Srsly. If we find out you’ve been trying to bribe or otherwise get information out of people, you’ll be ineligible.

Please send any further questions to Mistletoe Ethaniel (me!) via IM.

See you on the 10th!

Update! The mystery has been solved! See the solution here.




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