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I Ain’t That Kinda Elf

(c)2009, L. Foster

So you figure ’cause I’ve got pointed ears
I live in the limbs of a tree
I speak Sindarin and Quenya
And idolize Enya
And I’m right into astrology

I must heal with crystals
Prefer bows to pistols
Well boy have I got news for you
The whole fluff and light
Just don’t feel right
It’s not the kind of stuff I do

If you want you can go
And shoot with a bow
And live up in a tree
But I ain’t that kinda elf
‘Cause that kinda elf ain’t me.

I say give me cloth and metal
over leaves and petals
And pizza over lembas bread
I’ll take a good book
over a babbling brook
And I’ll be here on the ground instead

Sitting ’round and drumming
is dull and mind-numbing
And one thing more I’ll say:
I’ll take a plain human with his imperfections
Over some new-age snob any day!





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