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Happy New Year…now get back to work!


My New Year’s Eve was very enjoyable. Dixon took me out for a nice walk in Botanical’s gorgeous gardens, and we talked and hung out a while. Then we went back to a nice cozy fire in my home in Northfarthing. Never you mind the rest.

Then yesterday it was back to work. I treated myself to HippoVend after all this time. It’s tedious to get set up at first–especially with the backlog of products I’ve got–but once it is set up it’s ridiculously simple. I’m going to spend all of today working on getting my entire shop stock switched over; hopefully this will be the last full day I have to spend immersed in it. I now have gift cards in my shop, woo hoo! And soon all my vendors will be ready to accept them! I also have a free catalog vendor available in my shop too. You just take it home, rez it, and shop in your own time. It’s even self-updating, how fucking cool is that.

So yes, today, updating remaining shop stock (including individual garments *groan*), getting afiliate vendor kits together. Fun fun.




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