Posted in out of character, rant

Dear Linden Labs,

Thank you so much for telling me that I’ve been having fewer crashes. If it weren’t for you telling me so, I would mistakenly think I just crashed four times in the last fifteen minutes. Thank you for keeping that clear for me.

Thank you, also, for taking a mere three weeks to get back to me to tell me that it’s not your problem that ever since I got the mandatory update, I crash from time to time when I right-click things. Of course it’s not your problem. Silly me. I’m the one who has a problem with it, not you! Surely it must be because I have an old operating system. On a computer I got this past summer. Mm-hmmm.

In closing, please let me say, keep up the great work. I hope you never stop screwing people over and not giving a fuck when it goes wrong. After all, what are we mere residents anyway? Long live LL!

Couldn’t be less sincerely yours,




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