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So You Think You Can’t RP – Part 5

This is it. All your training has brought you to this moment, grasshoppah. Here is the final installment of “So You Think You Can’t RP”, which I’ve written just for those of you who think you can’t possibly learn how to roleplay (RP) in Second Life. We’ve talked about the basics, we’ve talked about making your character, we’ve talked about the setting and even how to be an honest RPer.

But wait, you’re saying, there’s got to be more to it. It’s true, there is. There is One Big Secret that I haven’t taught you yet, and this being the final installment, this is when I’ll tell it to you. With this Big Secret you’ll know all you’ll ever need to know about RPing from here on out.

Can you handle a secret this great?

Are you ready?

Here it is…

You’re already doing it.

That’s right! I mean, come on. Do you really look exactly like your avatar? Do you and your avatar have exactly the same full name? Do you live in a real life house just like your SL house? With neighbors just like your SL neighbors? Do you wear exactly the same clothes, have exactly the same hairstyle, dance exactly as well? Do you only talk to humans in SL, same as in RL?

No, you don’t. You have to suspend disbelief in SL. Whether you’re walking among cat-people, conducting business with a tiny bunny, being bugged by teenage vampires, even moving your virtual furniture into your virtual house or teleporting to meet a friend, you’re making believe.

And that’s what RPing is. It’s suspending disbelief to be something or someone else. That’s it.

You’re soaking in it, as the old commercial says.

So go forth and RP, confident in knowing that you’ve already been doing it all along. Enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “So You Think You Can’t RP – Part 5

  1. Ha! I DO look exactly like my avatar, and I CAN change my hairstyle and color at the snap of the fingers. I talk to animals all the time, and I get answers back. I can fly in real life, and sometimes I run into buildings and stuff when I’m walking. I can teleport freely and I can change into a frog whenever I want. So there.
    P.S.: If some guys with white coats and butterfly nets show up, you never heard of me.

  2. Wow… I somehow ended up here and before reading this I didn’t even think trying RP, but now I understand that would be just that what I’ve wanted :O And realized that I’ve actually being changing my avatar all along further from my real look/personality. As I started in SL, my av DID look just like me, I even spend hours and hours to make it look like me, I act just like I would irl and even thought about building a house that way I have it irl. Now I really don’t see any sense in that, lol. Maybe I thought it would be more real if I had same life in sl than in rl? But noooo, now I have the chance to finally be what I want to be!!! I’ve already turned into werewolf and that makes me feel so good. Why wouldn’t I let myself just go on and free my mind. Your text was like a trigger to this, thank you so much 🙂

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