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Oh Crap, I Love You

You know I’ve never been one
to tie myself down
You know I’ve never said no
to fooling around
You know I admire you
You know I desire you
But lately I’ve been feeling a sting
I’ve had some time
to sort it through
and it can only mean one thing…

Oh crap, I love you
Well that’s just great
doesn’t it just figure after all this time
I’ve tried to stay away
Tried to find somebody new
but the fact–
oh crap–
is I love you

And it’s not as if this does
a damn bit of good
We each have our own lives
it’s understood
I know there’s another
I see how you love her
There’s nothing I can do anyhow
I know it’s real
I know what I feel
So what the hell do I do now?



(repeat refrain)

(c)2008 by L. Foster. Steal it and die.




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