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It’s the little things.


His Lordship has a gift for knowing just the right thing to make a lady smile. And he does it in such a way that it makes you feel like whatever it was he did, he did it just for you.

I was having a miserable day today, the details of which I won’t go into. And I went out and I stepped out into my yard, and what do I see but snow.

I nearly wept.

When I told DonPaul how much it cheered me up, he smiled and started to sing a Christmas carol to me. Truly I have some of the dearest, truest friends an elf could ever hope for.

Today, Northfarthing got its Christmas tree. It’s friggin HUGE! All the townspeople are invited to help decorate it. Badd added her Holy Grail-shaped Beacon. Clo says she’ll bake some cookie type ornaments. Knowing Piggy she’ll probably bring a big fish. But I don’t know what I’m going to add yet. I put some twinkly white lights on it at least.

Remember when I was saying we needed to get some renters? Well be careful what you wish for! The place has filled up so much that now His Lordship may have to start turning people away…but it’s great. Some of the townspeople who have left have returned, more are returning still. It’s looking like it will be a fun Christmas here in town.




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