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So my rant from yesterday got a bit of attention, and even a link to it. Boy what you lovely folks must think of me, lol…

Fact is, in SL-land, I’m polite and easygoing and helpful and patient. Ask anyone (except my ex, his opinion is biased). And part of the reason for that is that I save the–well, the stuff you saw yesterday–for the blog. It was very cathartic for me to get it out in words, and now I can be my usual sweet-dispositioned self. And the sim I live in is not nearly so bitchy or mean-spirited as my words in my blog were yesterday. It’s just that we have very very few hard and fast rules, “no public displays of slavery” chief among them; and when strangers come in and flaunt that, or choose to ignore it, or don’t even think to see if it exists here, it really really pisses me off. (“Ya think?” said the reader…)

So, please, don’t judge my sim based on my words from yesterday. Form whatever opinions you wish of me personally, of course. You will anyway. But if you stick around you might see that yesterday was an exceptionally rare single moment in my day to day life, first or Second.




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