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Don’t let the sim hit you…

I am SO super pissed right now. Following is nothing shy of a full-scale rant. It’s my blog, I can, I will. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

I live in what appears to be one of scant few sims that is both medieval and non-gorean in setting. It says “non-gorean” prominently in any description of the sim, any landmark, any time you click “about land”.


You have dozens upon dozens of places in SL, not to mention your own god damn “home stone”, that you can stick your filthy hands into. KEEP THEM THE FUCK OUT OF NORTHFARTHING. You assmunches supposedly prize one’s home over just about all else. Show some respect for OUR home, and keep your twisted shit OUT OF IT. I say this NOT just because the idea of how you treat other human beings offends me to the point of physical illness (though it does), I say this because for fuck’s sake, this is MY home. I pay fuckloads of rent to live here, I invest my time and energy and creativity into this place, because it’s the kind of place that I WANT to live in: a safe haven from the bullshit practices of “this girl” and veils and castes that make my stomach turn. I FUCKING SWEAR TO GOD if I hear “this girl” in MY hometown one more time, the banstick is flying and I don’t fucking care who gets hit in the crossfire. Hey jackass, HAVE THE GUTS TO SHOW UP YOURSELF rather than getting your chattels into trouble. Because THIS “girl” will cheerfully kick your slimy ass back to the stone you crawled out from under.

Now, the last time I ranted in my blog about this very topic, someone responded in their own blog with a bunch of rationalizing crap about how women “submit” every day, and how is this any different? FUCK YOU, that’s how. If you can’t see the difference between “Can I get you something to drink while I’m up, honey?” and “Can I eat out of this dish on the floor now?” (oh no WAIT, you can’t even ASK!) then you are just as fucked up.

And yeah. Go ahead. Tell me I’m a fucking prude. Tell me I’m not enlightened enough. Tell me or yourself whatever bullshit you have to tell yourself to get to sleep at night. JUST KEEP IT THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME because you’re NOT FOOLING ANYONE.

Fucking Goreans. Don’t let the sim hit your ass on the way out.




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