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IM conversation earlier…

[15:34] Watt Gothly: of the goat boy
[15:34] Mistletoe Ethaniel: HORSE boy.
[15:35] Mistletoe Ethaniel: Nobody ever says “hung like a goat”. Just sayin’.
[15:35] Watt Gothly: no but they eat anything
[15:35] Watt Gothly: ?me winks
[15:35] Mistletoe Ethaniel: lmao
[15:35] Mistletoe Ethaniel: touche
[15:36] Mistletoe Ethaniel: this exchange may just have to go into my blog.
[15:36] Mistletoe Ethaniel: lol
[15:36] Watt Gothly: moment noted
[15:37] Watt Gothly: watt has intelligence
[15:37] Mistletoe Ethaniel: lmao




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