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My Dear Archimides,

I hope my letter finds you well and in good health. I made it to El’Drin safely; the only problem I ran into was getting my luggage back after it was misplaced in the hold. It was located, an hour later. I had lunch on the docks of Mystopolis at a place called the Thirsty Mermaid, and there met Clover. She sends her love. She and I went back to her house outside of the city gates to be greeted by three very happy and sticky-faced nieces, who were enjoying toffee apples they had made earlier in the day. Well, of course, little Bluebell didn’t have the apples–not having enough teeth yet–but she got plenty of sticky from applesauce and such. So pardon any stickiness on the parchment.

I can’t get over how big Sunshine is getting! She’s 95 now, going on 200, haha. She told me all about school and the books she’s reading–regular chatterbox, just like Clo always was–and showed me her latest drawings and a story or two she’s written. Hazy (already in her 70s! Wow!) is more the introvert. You can always see the wheels turning in her head. Clo tells me she’s in an advanced Enchantments class in her school–I thought Uncle Arch should like to hear that. She asks about you a lot. I hope sometime soon we can both come out to El’Drin for a visit.

It’s beautiful here. The leaves are starting to turn dramatic shades of yellow, orange, and red. I guess this year’s Fall Festival was the biggest yet, with people coming from all over the world to visit. I stayed home with the girls last night while Clo and Falcon went out dancing at the Week After Fall Festival Dance. We had a grand time: playing hide and seek, reading stories, all that good stuff that aunties are for.

I’m going to spend one more night here, I believe, and come in on the late mailboat Wednesday evening. Sometime I’d love to have Sunny, and maybe Hazel too, over in Northfarthing for a visit. I think they’re big enough that they’d enjoy it here. Plus, as I say, Hazy misses you a lot. She sends big sticky kisses, and so do I!

Be well,




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