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This always ends up happening in RL too…

I can’t say for sure how it happens. Maybe it’s that I’m a good listener. Maybe it’s that I try not to judge. Maybe it’s that I actually know what I’m talking about. But for whatever reason, ever since high school, I’ve become the one that my friends come to with questions about sex. Perhaps the most memorable was in college, when a young woman from Somalia–who had almost no education on the matter at all–came to ask me questions just before getting married to a local man who had converted to Islam. The minor language barrier that arose when discussing different terms made it a real challenge, but in the end she came away feeling confident and knowlegeable.

Somehow, now, this has carried over to SL as well.

I don’t mind it. Not a bit. In fact, I’m kind of flattered that I’m trusted with such matters; it means I must have done something somehow to earn that trust. I think of myself as a rather sex-positive individual. I like sex. I really like sex. When two or more consenting adults are all having a good time enjoying themselves and each other, really, what could be better? (And that’s crucial to me, that both the words “consenting” and “adults” be present in the previous sentence.) In my real life, I am very happily monogamous and can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with from now until we’re too old to know what the hell is going on anymore. My husband is simply the best partner I could ever hope to have, and day after day I’m reminded that the decision to marry him was the single smartest decision I ever made. Somehow, this confidence must carry over into my Second Life as well.

Then again, maybe it was the blog I wrote a couple days ago about body part shopping.

Whatever the case, I found myself approached by a male SL friend in IM the other day, asking to compare notes (and only compare notes, he reiterated!) on the X3. He’s thinking of getting himself an X3 cock but realizes it’s a bit of an investment, so what can I tell him about it?

I started by saying I hadn’t done much “in depth” research (har har) with it yet, but told him about a handful of features I’d already seen, such as the color change, the “my kinks” notecard feature, and such. I added that the clit I got myself was kind of like when I got my new MacBook: it was ready to use right out of the box, but took a little while to get to know and appreciate just what it can really do. And, like the MacBook, the more I mess around with it, the more I like it and wonder why I hadn’t got one sooner.*

*-(The blog you are reading is in no way sponsored or endorsed by either XCite! or Apple. Which is too bad because if they knew how much I raved about both I might get a shirt or something out of them.)

He also asked me about the Kama Sutra HUD, which he has, and unfortunately I don’t so I can’t really answer any questions about it. So I don’t know how much help I’m really turning out to be.

Well, person who IMed me? I’ve had a bit more of an opportunity to do some more field research on my own, using the X3 line with a partner who doesn’t have any XCite products at all. The interactivity is fantastic. In those times when the language center of the brain can’t be bothered with much more than “mmm..yes…”, the ability to “touch” XCite-enabled body parts and get a response makes the experience all the more enjoyable. And, dude, spend the extra 100-200 Lindens on a Sound Pack. You’ll love it, and your partner will love it too. Someone once said that a woman’s erogenous zones are in her ears. I’d believe that. Nothing quite gets the blood pumping like those sexy moans and grunts, and the XCite ones are of professional sound quality and very believable.

I’m not just angling for a shirt when I say anyone who’s sexually active in SL should consider XCite’s products. Really. You gotta understand that my SL sex life is my porn, and anything that can make it less “clunky” and more enjoyable is always welcome, and this is. So thank you, XCite, for all your countless hours of scripting and research and recording and building to make such a high-quality product.

That having been said, thank you, my friend, for trusting me with your questions; and if you have any more, I’ll be happy to try and help (and if that means more research at my end, well, so be it…)




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