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In Its Wake

Honey, I’m so glad you’re home. I can’t tell you how hard this week has been on me, without you here–oh, now don’t blame yourself. I know you wizards like to say you can predict the future but you yourself has said it’s all just an educated guess. You had no way of knowing. And besides, you’d planned to go to this conference for months.

Please, sit. I’ve got so much to tell you about.

Well as you heard, there was an earthquake some hundred miles north of the island and as a result this huge wave slammed into the north coast. Demolished everything for some 30 or more meters in. Brace yourself, babe…

The brothel is gone.

Oh all right all right I’ll get serious. I’d rather not, you know. You know me, if I put a smiley face on it, it might be easier to deal with. But it is gone. It’s all gone. Like the sea reached out a hand and just swiped everything it could grab. Trees, bridges…all of it.

And, um, yes. Someone was hurt. Quite a few someones.

Wow this is hard to say. Um…you remember Kat, right? And her sister Storry? Well they haven’t been found. No trace of them. There are others, too, but we’ve just not been able to account for them all.

So the party we’re going to is that kind of a party. The kind they’d have enjoyed if they were here.


It’s too bad His Lordship couldn’t have made it today. Then again maybe it’s just as well that he’s on the mainland for the weekend. I think he’s appealing to His Majesty for some disaster relief funding, but I don’t know–nobody ever tells me anything. Maybe it’s better that the populace not see how he’s taking it. Not that I know how he’s taking it. But I know how badly enough I’m taking it and I don’t own this land, I don’t lead the people on it.

Was a good party, though. Excellent music, and good company. That Raven lad is pretty adorable too, I must say! I hope he and his friends will visit the island again soon.

Thank you for saying goodbye to the guests, after the dedication of the stone in the graveyard. I’d just had too much of it all by then. You know. You saw it in my face. So thank you. You’re the best. And I’m so glad you’re home.




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