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The best-laid plans of mice and elves…

I would have seduced you
You probably hadn’t the faintest clue
Which would have made it all the sweeter
When I sprung the trap I’d have set for you

And let me say it would have been grand!
I’d have led you away to a secret place
Taken your sleeve by my little white hand
And no one could tell or else risk disgrace

What would I have whispered,
What words would I have spoken?
Ah, but it would have been fun
No promises made, no promises broken–

Just you and just me in the restricted section
Behind a door behind a shelf
Had I not known now what I’d not known then
I’d have stolen you off, just once, for myself

And we’d meet in the street the next day
We’d avoid each other eyes
Lest some blush, some twinkling, give away
The previous night’s muffled sighs

And oh! the night it would have been!
The secret surprise I’d had in store
Because I would have seduced you
Had the truth but waited
one day more.




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