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The house is almost complete; I want to make a few changes and get the windows and shutters in right. The lockable door works well, but I wish I knew how not to make it say “so and so is at the door”. I’ll frig with it eventually when I don’t have more to do.

I had to remove the gypsy wagon because it was so primmy. I hated having to do it. To try and make it up to my would-be sublet-ee, I built a shed (she wanted something very modest), but it wasn’t what she was looking for. So we’re both disappointed I guess.

I’m putting a modest cemetery in the corner space, between the willow tree and the old whatever-it-is tree. Just a little something to add local color. There’s still a wide space out back; I’m trying my hand at an Irish-style stucco cottage. It’s nice. I might move into it instead! haha.

There’s a smithy just on the outer corner of the parcel. I can’t help staring out in its general direction and daydreaming every now and then.




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