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Why We Charge $1500L Per Hour

Now, Archimides is really the professional musician in the family. He’s dealt with lots of issues having to do with professional performance behind the scene for years and years. And so, I take his advice very seriously, since I’m really the manager for Cat Agus Cu. His latest advice to me is, “Don’t feel you have to explain or justify our rate. If people want to pay it, they’ll pay it. If they don’t, they don’t and we play for someone who does” (and note that that is present tense, not future).

But a blog exists for nothing if not to satisfy the blogger’s own wishes. So pray pardon some “texturbation” while I vent.

When I quoted our rate to a venue contact today, he balked at the rate, telling me it’s “a bit steep”. I recognized right away someone who doesn’t realize that what we do is real work, that takes real time and real energy, and I don’t think the equivalent of $7 an hour (split two ways) is steep by any stretch. But I’m going to say anyway.

We aren’t charging you a dime for the 30 years it’s taken Archimides to play like he does, nor the 10 years it’s taken me. You get that for free.

We don’t ask a red cent for the hours of rehearsals we do every week when we’re not playing a gig, for the time it takes to learn new songs or for the time it takes to polish the ones we know. You get that for gratis.

We already bought the quadruple-figures classical guitar, and the triple-figure wooden recorder. We’ve also bought the computer already to bring our music to you. So for you, on the house.

The ibuproffen that I pop like M&Ms to keep my fingers limber and free from aching, and the Thermocare pads I slap on my shoulders to keep me playing through the fibromyalgia? I gotcha covered.

And for all that, for your seven dollars, you get real talent. We do not suck. We are professionals. We know we aren’t the best on SL, so we don’t charge as much as the best on SL. But we’re confident that you get what you pay for. You want cheap musicians? Go hire cheap musicians.




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